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KRIS JOHNSON - Recognized as a top Professional photographer offering photography services at AKC dog shows.

Jan. 2023



Louisville, KY Freelance  Photographer | Kris A. Johnson

Ever since I was a kid, I enjoyed looking through photos and seeing pictures of my family and our pets. That enjoyment grew over time and I essentially wanted to be the kid to make these memorable photos!

I discovered photography by first using disposable (film) cameras, remember those!?  After many trials and errors, I kept gradually improved my skillset and developed an “eye” for what I wanted capture in my mind with the lens! 

As I got older, my cameras I used became more advanced. I gradually shifted to digital photography and got into the professional slrs as you see the pros using!

One of my other passions is showing and raising Doberman Pinschers. I took my camera every time I attended a show and immediately took action to capture the show dogs! I introduced myself to the dogs’ owners and starting showing off my work! That was an exciting time as I finally got to showcase my talents publicly. Needless to say, my photos were purchased and used for dog magazines, websites, business cards, logos and framing! 

In 2006, I had the amazing opportunity to see the Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro the day after he won the garland of roses! I was at the backside of Churchill Downs where the horses were stabled and I waited patiently for the Champ to come out! I had my camera and big boy lens ready to fire away! Sure enough, when Barbaro was introduced to the media and the small crowd, I took as many photos as I could! I was like the paparazzi! I was so obsessed with his beauty, his story and having this opportunity! As we know, 2 weeks after winning the Kentucky Derby, Barbaro had a tragic accident on the track at the Preakness Stakes where he broke his leg. Nobody would ever imagine this happening! After a long and hard fight recovering, Barbaro was humanely euthanized after developing complications that weren’t salvageable. Shortly after his death, I was contacted by a horseman Alex Brown who was writing a biography of Barbaro and happened to see some of my Barbaro photos online. He asked me if he can use a couple of my photos of his new hardback book called;  Greatness and Goodness: Barbaro and His Legacy. I was honored and so proud. I of course agreed and that was my first time having my photos in a hard back book!

Coincidentally, I also happened to take a picture of Barbaro’s assistant trainer, Peter Brette’s son who was feeding Barbaro that day and that happened to be the only time that child was ever photographed with Barbaro! I was asked to print photos of that amazing memory and the picture is in their home to be showcased forever! That’s what’s photography and art is to me! Making memories from my artistic talents and having it showcased and cherished forever.

As a seasoned photographer, I am offering my time and passion to photograph for the public! I would love to be asked to make amazing memories and moments through my imagination and lens.

I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and Photographic Society of America (PSA).