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Show Dogs



I have been involved with the sport of showing dogs since 1995 as a breeder, owner and handler. During my introduction to AKC dog shows, I also began taking photographs of the dogs that caught my eye. Over many years of trial and error and learning about photography and dog structure, I began selling my photographs to clients to use in advertisements, framing and website/social media use.

My work has been extensively used on every platform and seen across the globe. I specialize in dog photography capturing their essence and showcasing the dog’s true beauty. I offer a variety of styles to photograph dogs. I provide action shots, movement, posing with the handler, stacked, free stacking, head shots to name just a a few.


Did I take a picture of your dog at a dog show? My photos from candid ringside are $65* each. When you purchase a photo from me, you will receive a high resolution image (with proper color/cropping editing) and you also get the copyright (with an artist release) for printing.

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*Note: At some shows my prices may be priced more than $65 (each) due to overhead expenses.