PicsByKris – Professional freelance photography

Why Kris?

Working with the author of the #1 selling dog grooming book in the world!

Hired by Purina Dog Food company !


I appreciate you going through my site and reviewing my work and hopefully checked out my Rave Reviews!

I’m the professional photographer with NO ego and I am a lifelong student of my craft! I am a member of multiple photography clubs and participate at photography seminars to better myself. It’s no different than a doctor with continuous education! 

If you want to know how I’m different than the other photographers, look no further! First, I take pride in my work and it shows. Yes, I’m proud and also confident. I have the highest personal standards to be considered the best, everyday is a new challenge and goal.

I am not the “wait and shoot” photographer at ringside, instead I move around and vision the shot and create the proper composition to get the winning shot! Anyone can wait and snap a photo and try and sell it, to me that’s not a photographer. There’s no skill and artistry in that.

When I do my photoshoots, I come up with creative ideas to show off the dog’s best attributes. I am always listening to the handler/ owner and bounce ideas around to make the photoshoot a complete success. If my photos don’t say WOW!, then it’s not good enough. Plain and simple.

Consistency is key! Look at my work, I’m not a one-shot wonder. My work has a particular style you can see and I’m always raising the bar.

Lastly, pictures make the “ad”, not visa versa! If you want amazing photos to advertise your dog, I stand behind my work, guaranteed!